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The Cellar

Wine producers since 1800, the century in which you lose your memory, a thin wire ties Domenico and his father Carlo, today continue the ancient tradition, with Salvatore, Antonio and even great-grandfather Carlo, who made wine right to life and passion never extinguished.

From the ancient cellars dug in the rock and wooden barrels that sank, as to contain a treasure of inestimable value to modern steel barrels remains confident that the wine is the same as what the ancient Romans called "Falerno" tying to that well-defined and restricted area of "Ager Falernus" .

Falciano del Massico and place of production of "Campierti" are in the heart of "Ager Falernus".

The vineyards, lying at the foot of Mount Massico, lie on a limestone and clay and the remains of ancient kilns for Roman amphorae are still insist that the testimony of an unbreakable bond with the territory of that wine.

From this land, rich in history and passion of the family Zannini, comes this wine produced albeit with modern winemaking techniques remains, as in centuries past, the IMMORTAL Falernum

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